Matt Herfield

CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Matt Herfield is CEO & Managing Member as well as Operating Board Chairman of Potentis Capital. He specializes in building strong partnerships with market-changing businesses that share his passion for social responsibility.

Matt is currently Co-Founder & CEO of BuzzRx® (formerly known as Watertree Health®) as well as Chairman of the Buzz Operating Board. He launched the company in 2010 to help make essential health care products and services more accessible to all people in America. Through his industry experience, he learned that over 100 million people didn’t have access to affordable medications. This prompted him to create joint ventures between BuzzRx and the nation’s leading Pharmacy Benefit Managers, and to put together the foundation for the company’s management team.

Before BuzzRx®, Matt was founder and CEO of a company that specialized in point-of-care pharmaceutical dispensing. He built a supreme sales force that was active in over 20 states and serviced the needs of clients, including many of the top clinics in the United States.

Matt began his professional career working at Metropolitan Hospitality, where he eventually came to be president. In this role, he hosted a series of high-profile events for the leading event-staffing company and expanded the range of services offered to clients, resulting in office staffing for both temporary and full-time positions.

Matt is a member of the DeliverFund Board of Directors.  DeliverFund is a nonprofit private intelligence organization that is disrupting human trafficking here in the U.S. by leveraging uniquely qualified personnel with the best technologies to reach and rescue victims.

Operating Board

Matt Herfield
CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Carol Rowbo
Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Joseph Kleiman
Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Executive Team Leaders

Alonzo Wilson
Founder and Director of Training, Tone House

Elvira Yambot
COO and Assistant Coach, Tone House

Ceci West
Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer, MedAffect

Maureen Fromfield
Chief Operating Officer, MedAffect