About Us

We invest in people.

Potentis Capital is a closely-held private company that is entrepreneurial in nature and invests in health care and related services, consumer products, and technology companies.

We are investing in strong leaders of established, burgeoning businesses, who brought innovation and value to their markets and want to make a difference in their communities. We’re investing in creating more jobs for people in America. We’re investing in improving the lives of people by forming strategic partnerships with nonprofits.


We help build futures.

When “young” companies have reached a development plateau, we provide human and financial resources that facilitate and foster growth. We have been known to work side-by-side with their management teams to brainstorm big picture ideas as well as execute all the details involved to implement a plan.

We share our tools for success, and our knowledge and experience–to help build the foundation for a strong future for the companies, their employees and their communities.

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Potentis Capital
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