Operating Board

The Operating Board of Potentis Capital helps companies in the portfolio by working with them to scope out existing and new opportunities, put together an implementation plan, map out issues and their resolutions, and other key business decisions. They also collaborate with management to improve current skills and develop new ones.

Matt Herfield
CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Carol Rowbo
Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Joseph Kleiman
Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Executive Team Leaders

By investing in companies with similar values, Potentis has built a “brain-trust” of smart, collaborative, and forward-thinking people. They have skills, knowledge, and experience that bring value to our partnerships and investments. The team provides the resources, advisement, and tools to help the companies in the Potentis portfolio grow.

Jordan Sessler
President & Co-Founder, Acquire Health

Ceci West
Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer, MedAffect

Maureen Fromfield
Chief Operating Officer, MedAffect

Elvira Yambot
COO and Assistant Coach, Tone House

Alonzo Wilson
Founder and Director of Training, Tone House