Carol Rowbo

Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Key areas of expertise:
• Accounting & Financial Services
• Human Resources
• Sales Support

Carol Rowbo is Portfolio Chief Operations Officer as well as Operating Board Director of Potentis Capital. Her forte is accounting & financial services, human resources and sales support.

Previously Carol was Chief Operations Officer of MedAffect, where she ran accounting & financial services, HR, sales support services and other key specialty areas for the firm. She also was the acting COO for Watertree Health®, where she was responsible for putting the finance, accounting, human resources and internal operations infrastructures in place when the company was founded. Prior to joining Watertree Health®, she was a financial advisor for select high-net-worth clients.

In 2005, Carol was personally recruited by the founder of Elite Models to become the VP of Finance and Administration for their North America market. She worked with Microsoft and their partners to redesign Elite’s operating systems. From this project, a case study was developed and presented by the Microsoft CEO at their global new product launch.

Before joining Elite, Carol worked for Women, a top modeling agency in New York with a prized client roster of supermodels. To remedy company inefficiencies, she transformed their paper system to a fully integrated system linking scouting, booking, and financial systems and coordinated with the agency’s European offices.

Prior to joining Women, Carol was an audit manager at a leading CPA firm in NYC.

Operating Board

Matt Herfield
CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Carol Rowbo
Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Joseph Kleiman
Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Executive Team Leaders

Jordan Sessler
President & Co-Founder, Acquire Health

Ceci West
Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer, MedAffect

Maureen Fromfield
Chief Operating Officer, MedAffect

Elvira Yambot
COO and Assistant Coach, Tone House

Alonzo Wilson
Founder and Director of Training, Tone House