Alonzo Wilson

Founder and Director of Training, Tone House®

Key areas of expertise:
• Program Development
• Leadership & Team Building
• Brand Development

Tone House was founded by Alonzo Wilson. His decision to open this boutique fitness concept stemmed from a desire to fill a void in the industry – allowing the mainstream to experience the extreme in athletic-based training. He felt the public was ready and yearning to take their fitness journey to the next level.

Alonzo has developed Tone House to promote health and wellbeing through its class experience, team of coaches, products & services and brand story. He has been instrumental in extending the Tone House mission to transform people’s bodies as well as their lives to nonprofits in its communities.

In high school, Alonzo was introduced to athletic-based extracurricular activities in football, basketball, and track, which ignited his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He attended Grand Valley State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Movement Science Education & Professional Instruction and played football. The high level of physical and mental training he achieved during these formative years shaped his vision that fitness and exercise should be integrated into everyone’s life.

In the midst of his blossoming pro football career, Alonzo’s mother sadly lost her battle against cancer. Her passing had a profound and lasting impact on him, ultimately changing his career path and leading him to create Tone House. Obesity was a contributing factor to her situation, and he began to think of ways he could have helped change the outcome, all of which kept coming back to fitness.

Before Tone House, Alonzo was a trainer for the professional entertainment basketball team the Harlem MagicMasters, was with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and developed a private training clientele.

Operating Board

Matt Herfield
CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Carol Rowbo
Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Joseph Kleiman
Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Executive Team Leaders

Jordan Sessler
President & Co-Founder, Acquire Health

Ceci West
Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer, MedAffect

Maureen Fromfield
Chief Operating Officer, MedAffect

Elvira Yambot
COO and Assistant Coach, Tone House

Alonzo Wilson
Founder and Director of Training, Tone House