Joseph Kleiman

Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Key areas of expertise:
• Business Analysis & Reporting
• Strategic Planning
• New Business

Joseph Kleiman is Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer as well as Operating Board Director of Potentis Capital. His key areas of expertise are business analysis & reporting, strategic planning and new business.

Formerly, Joseph was Chief Strategy Officer of MedAffect, and led the Business Analysis & Reporting and Strategic Planning service areas. As well, he was acting CSO for Watertree Health®, where he brought creative and innovative solutions to sales and data reporting along with his expertise to account acquisition, account management, and database design. Joseph was an integral part of strategic business planning and new business development efforts at the company.

Prior to joining MedAffect, he founded Projixx–a management consulting firm specializing in strategic business planning, new business development, startup operations, client relations, contract negotiations, account acquisition and management, and conflict resolution and mediation.

Before founding Projixx, Joseph served as Chief Operating Officer of 944 Media, a lifestyle and event planning media company with expertise in the publication of lifestyle magazines and the planning of large-scale events in 9 different major U.S. markets.

Joseph also served as founder and president of Bullseye Wireless, one of the largest indirect wireless providers for all major carriers throughout Arizona. He expanded the number of retail locations by over 600% in just three years.

Operating Board

Matt Herfield
CEO & Managing Member and Operating Board Chairman, Potentis Capital

Carol Rowbo
Portfolio Chief Operations Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Joseph Kleiman
Portfolio Chief Strategy Officer and Operating Board Director, Potentis Capital

Executive Team Leaders

Jordan Sessler
President & Co-Founder, Acquire Health

Ceci West
Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer, MedAffect

Maureen Fromfield
Chief Operating Officer, MedAffect

Elvira Yambot
COO and Assistant Coach, Tone House

Alonzo Wilson
Founder and Director of Training, Tone House