A Key Success Story

Key Success Story

A Key Success Story: Watertree Health®

Watertree Health launched its Prescription Discount Card in late 2011 and, four years later, consistently experiences monthly double-digit sales growth, year over year, through its new business efforts, marketing, and community-based sales force.

This would not have been possible without the help of two companies in our portfolio — Agile Element and MedAffect — who teamed up to help Watertree Health prosper.

Here’s what these companies did
Here’s why it brought success to Watertree Health
Developed app for sales force that provides real time account information.
Increases script productivity and keeps businesses thriving.
Designed product-targeting tool for sales force that gives easy access to key metrics by account.
Increases revenue by optimizing each account’s sales.
Built robust database and real-time reporting system.
Can look at and address consumers’ needs faster.
Created hiring and onboarding solutions that easily scaled up.
Kept up with explosive growth, enabling new sales reps to get into field faster.
Established cost-effective inventory management system and printing/mailing solution.
Maximizes budget and have no “out of stock” issues.
Streamlined commissions system.
Sales force quickly rewarded for hard work, which helps achieve high retention.
Crafted accounting system that gives real-time budgeting.
Improves financial forecasting.
Formed partnerships with nonprofit organizations.
Accelerated script productivity by fueling sales force’s passion for helping people and creating immediate connection with accounts.
Produced Toolkit and Introductory Presentation for sales force.
Shortens ramp-up period and increases speed to market for new sales reps.
Created corporate and product websites.
With professional & strategic websites, easily positioned as an industry leader.